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Outside of Canada - Italy - Lake Maggiore
Lake Maggiore is one of the beautiful lakes in Northern Italy (next to Lake Como) but only quieter and less crowded. The scenery is quite dramatic where the mountains meet the beautiful lake surrounded by picturesque traditional Italian villages like Cannobio
Just 7km south of Switzerland, the beautiful town of Cannobio was the centre of trade over thousands of years ago. The town's Piazza has a beautiful fifteenth century promenade is on the waterfront and is surrounded by charming buildings covered in frescoes. Every Wednesdays the town across the lake, Luino (accessible by ferry) hosts one of the largest outdoor markets in Italy. You can buy just about anything including fine leather goods to wild boar truffle salami. It is a perfect place to kickback and enjoy the lake with the local cuisine and wine.
Hotel Pironi - 0323.70.24 - Restored fifteenth century convent is the town's most romantic charming hotel. All rooms have beautiful hand painted frescoes and antique furniture. Book early and get room #12 for your own private balcony and look into the narrow cobbled stoned streets. Prices are very reasonable, breakfast is included and the staff speak English.

Casa Arizzoli B&B - 0323.72.001 - Beautifully restored old villa has three rooms, brightly decorated, with ensuite bathrooms and two fully equipped holiday apartments suitable for a large family. Prices are very reasonable, breakfast is included and the hosts speak English.

Villa Palmira
- 0323.72.47 - Charming old villa away from the towns promenade closer to the hills, it has charming rooms tastefully decorated. Apartments are also available.
Restaurant Villa Maria - A few steps up the hill from Piazza Vittorio is this magnificent villa. The restaurant has a breathtaking view of the lake and is surrounded by wild jasmine. Strictly local cuisine and wine including Veal with fresh porcini sauce is worth hiking away from the touristy piazza. Very reasonably priced.

La Streccia - 0323.70.574 - A few steps up on a steep cobbled stone walkway behind Piazza Vittorio is La Streccia. Traditional Northern Italian food including risotto and linguini served with wild mushroom sauce with truffle oil. Very reasonably priced.

Lo Scalo - 0323.71.480 - If you must enjoy the piazza then you will enjoy this quiet restaurant in the centre of the town, in cool blue and white colours with romantic oil lamps that stands out from the rest of the touristy pizza parlor neighbours. Northern Italian food including fish from the lake pan fried to perfection and handmade pasta & sauces. Very reasonably priced.