Welcome to Chezsiva Cooking School!
In Chezsiva's kitchen, we focus on everything from basic cooking techniques to everyday meal planning and all the way to preparing multiple courses/ and complex meals. Classes will specialize in many types of food preparation including using healthy cooking techniques and ingredients. We also offer classes suited to individuals with type 1 and type 2 diabetes as the instructor is also person with type 1 diabetes.

At Chezsiva we offer various classes targeting specific cooking technique. You will learn how to make healthy stocks, soups from the freshly made stock, cook fish properly without over cooking them, cook different kinds of meat at various temperatures they are perfect. You'll also learn about various cuisines from different parts of the world such as countries surrounding the Mediterranean Sea (Italy, France, Spain, Morocco, and Tunisia) and India. The choice is yours.

Our philosophy is to use fresh local ingredients and cooking with seasons in Canada. We also believe that cooking should come from the heart - when you cook with season's fresh good quality ingredients and passion, the results will be outstanding.

Come & learn to cook in an intimate class setting no more than 4 people hands on and 6 people for a demonstration class and gain culinary experience in an interactive warm Mediterranean style kitchen in downtown Toronto with state of the art restaurant appliances. At Chezsiva we believe the class size should be smaller so that you get the individual attention that you deserve as your experience will be greater.

Winter 2014 class schedule is posted, just click on Classes.

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*New Addition - Watch for classes in the "Spice Room" - where you will get a chance to roast, grind and make fresh spices in a traditional South Indian Grinding Stone (Ammikal) - new addition part of Chezsiva Cooking School.